Invited research seminar talks

  • ober­se­mi­nar dif­fe­ren­ti­al­geo­me­try , university of frei­burg, Jan 2024.
  • geometric analysis seminar , the city university of New York, Nov 2023.
  • ar­beits­grup­pen­se­mi­nar tu­sch­mann, karls­ruhe institute of technology, Jan 2023.

Organized conferences and workshops

  • young topologist meeting (YTM) , cluster of excellence mathematics müns­ter, Aug 2024.

Participation in conferences and workshops

  • mathematics müns­ter mid-term conference , cluster of excellence mathematics müns­ter, Mar 2024.
  • workshop on operator algebras and applications: non-commutative geometry , fields institute, to­ron­to, Dec 2023.
  • autumn school on large scale geometry , gong talk given, university of göt­tin­gen, Oct 2023.
  • workshop on curvature and global shape , poster presented, cluster of excellence mathematics müns­ter, Aug 2023.
  • higher structures in geometry and mathematical physics , centre international de rencontres mathématiques, mar­seil­le, Apr 2023.

Research stays

Talks given in Münster

  • Scalar curvature comparison - lipschitz maps, seminar on scalar curvature and harmonic functions, Jul 2023.
  • An index theorem for end-periodic dirac operators, phd seminar - differential geometry, Jan 2023.
  • A-linear dirac operators and the higher index, seminar on higher index theory, Nov 2022.

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